Economy of Brands

Here are three of my faves.

From left to right Gold Studded Platforms by Dune, Foil Holographic courts by Dune, Azure Low Courts by Chinese Laundry

Lovely shoes, but theres more to the story.

I especially love Dune, a testament to them is how much of my collection consists of their designs, they’re fun, comfy and winterproof. However I have to admit that some of Dune’s, and other big high street names, even the likes of Kurt Geiger, and LK Bennett have been disappointing. They’re cutting corners in either workmanship or materials or both, and below are some examples.

These shoes do look amazing on, they’re never the same colour. But the imitation snakeskin doesn’t stretch at all, and its split within two wears

Admittedly these have been worn heavily over a few years, but the fraying has been happening from the first wear.

These had a leather lining and as expected pleasant to wear, but lacked strength and structure has caused this to collapse


A budget shoe on the other hand will often be more comfortable, and match high street brands for quality and workmanship. Should they get damaged or fall apart it’s no big loss. You could also potentially customise them to create something totally unique.

Occasionally the high street throws up somethings unusual. Marks and Spencer at some point made a series of Italian all leather shoes. Granted that they are machine made, but so are my Zanottis.

Red Peep Toe by Primark (left), and Nude All-Leather Courts by Marks and Spencer

Finally, these are by Kurt Geiger London, does the holographic finish look familiar? They’re all leather, machine made, best of all, only £39 from Shoeaholics, quite the bargain from £250 retail.


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