Sample Sale Silliness

While it feels like only yesterday, it was a couple of months ago when my beloved Rupert Sanderson held a sample sale. Rupert always has a taste for the class, so even while many designers hire an empty shop front or warehouse, we find ourselves instead visiting the Royal Institution on Ablemarle St in the heart of Mayfair. We tread the same boards that the scientific giants of from Faraday through Rutherford to Dawkins.

The Palatial Neoclassically Styled Royal Institution of Great Britain
Image modified under Creative Commons License, original artwork by Gryffindor

Inside though, it all becomes more familiar. People feverishly digging through boxes upon boxes of shoes to find that magical pair (or two). With prices starting at £50, it’s understandable that crowds are drawn in from all over London, this is my second Rupert Sample Sale, and I have learnt my lesson, so I chanced missing out on the best stuff and dropped in late on the first day. Despite my timing I picked up some amazing deals. I would therefore suggest visiting either before or after the lunchtime rush, for a more peaceful time to do your digging.

Even going at a quieter time, it is still quite an intense experience so it’s time for a break and look over my purchases

The rare and elusive Gold Collection even pops up here, they are extra luxurious versions of his classic line, and are priced accordingly at over £700, and here I only spent £150! These are my second pair from the Gold Collection and will explore these shoes in detail in the future.

Some more Rupert wedges, they are a uniquely elegant style
Rupert’s Gold Collection is only sold at a very select outlets and is virtually never seen in the UK

So I know that for most people spending £90+ on a pair of shoes is a ridiculous concept, but consider this, we can sometimes spend as much on a night out and let’s face once the booze is drunk all we have to show for it is empty bottles and a hangover. I think I’ll take the shoes thanks.


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