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How much would you pay?

Leather lined shoes always interest me, they’re typically more forgiving and absorbent than synthetics, so when New Look and H&M both started to sell their premium quality collections which both incorporated a number of shoes all of which were leather inner and upper. Next though is my disappointment, they retail typically around from £40 going all the way to £65! Now £65 for a pair of shoes is nothing, but dropping a that much on one item at New Look or H&M does seem a little perverse.

My concern is I’ve paid less for new Nicholas Kirkwoods, and Charlotte Olympias, now is it at all possible that the materials can hold up against what the luxury brands use? Still leather will always be more comfortable, and there are few pairs that are quite appealing, but personally I don’t think I would pay full price for them, on the other hand they are a few sandals on sale right now which might work quite well for summer.

The lace up look is really popular right and at £22 they’re worth getting