Designer Intro: United Nude

United Nude is a designer that I’ve been following with interest for around half a year now. I’ve finally got my first pair and I realise that not everyone will know of the name. There are lots of these smaller designers doing amazing things, and I’ll gradually introduce you to them.

Unlike most designers, co-founder Rem D Koolhaas followed in the family trade of architecture, and due to this his approach is different from those more traditionally trained designers, with spectacular results.

Counterpart to Rem, is Galahad Clark, of the Clarks shoe dynasty. His experience in traditional shoe manufacturing and values on quality, realised the outlandish designs from Rem and various collaborators such as Zaha Hadid and Iris van Herpen.

Detailing of Winter Eros by United Nude, combines silicone rubber, neoprene and traditional leather

United Nude creates optical illusions and seemingly impossible shapes using clever engineering and intelligent material choices, allowing tradition and convention to be discarded with casual ease. The approach, is typical of the constantly reinventing industry of architecture, always making use of the latest developments in science and engineering. It’s not surprising that 3-D printing, and composite materials play a big role in United Nude products.


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