TKMaxx, unexpected hero of 2017

In the past on this blog, the wonders of TKMaxx have already be briefly covered, however this year has been a real jackpot of finds there. It seems that since Kurt Geiger’s Bicester outlet closed a lot of high end stock that needed to be offloaded have ended at TKMaxx, often at silly prices.

TKMaxx seems to be loading up on high end designer luxury recently, and often at silly money

I have seen, Prada, Stella McCartney, Gina, Moschino, D&G and even Valentino amongst others. Even better, often these finds have been in regional sites, although the chances of finding these gems are definitely improved by searching within the boundaries of the M25.

First Find

Never thought I would own a pair of Pradas, they’re legendary enough not to need discounts. So to see these in Brent Cross was pretty amazing, even better they were the yellow sticker price, at £50! Even better is that there was still the box (never seen that before!)

Due to the length of time in storage, the detailing quickly came loose, quite easily put right with a spot of leather glue. Some of the TKMaxx stock clearly isn’t this seasons trends, but these shoes are more an investment piece.

Second Sighting

Often I speculatively wander into a shop just for a quick browse, and this time it payed off. Store in Centre:MK had these priced at £79.99, and here was an opportunity to explore the mythical status of Stella McCartney’s vegan leather. I would not have normally purchased these, now I feel that I’m more comfortable with buying the right kind of non-leather shoes.

A pair we have seen before, these have become quite a go to staple over this slightly damp summer. Please find my review of these shoes here.

Third Treat

I always like to introduce my friends to the world of luxe, so when these turned up in Aylesbury priced at £29 it was a quite an easy decision to get them. Gina is now the last remaining exclusively women’s shoe factory in the UK, still manufacturing in London. It’s an interesting company that I will go into in a future post.

Unfortunately these are the only photo I have of these, they have found an amazing home though!

Fourth Folly

Another surprising appearance in of all places the Aylesbury store, not the heartland of designer luxe, but these Moschino Cheap and Chic laceups turned up. Just what I needed this summer, they’re not too high, and chunky enough to deal with grass too. TKMaxx has had a fair bit of stock from Moschino Cheap and Chic recently, it’s quite interesting to see that despite these being in the diffusion line, that these are made in Italy with all leather construction, however a word of warning this brand sometimes will go to Spanish factories for manufacturing and will sometimes use alternative materials too.

Final Fling

Seems like a lot of Gina stock has been offloaded to TKMaxx, these ones still have the label from Gina’s Bicester Village outlet and you can see just how much they would’ve been originally and at outlet price. At £29, I really had to get these a 5% of the retail price.

Haven’t worn these yet, really looking forward to finding the right time and place for these, Gina is a designer that fascinates me as it is a real unicorn of a brand

As you can see the majority of these have appeared outside of London, and it is possible with a little patience and dedication it is possible find some real gems for £50 or less, simply find a convenient TKMaxx that is on your commute or something like that and drop by once or twice a week. It’s also important to note that there’s way too much clothing on the racks, however with shoes and accessories it’s impossible to simply pile them high and sell them cheap, which makes finding gems so much easier, so don’t hang about, start studying your brands!

While stock will appear everywhere, my top three stores below still are within London’s boundaries.

  • Brent Cross, NW2 1LS
  • Covent Garden, WC2E 9LH
  • Charing Cross ROAD, WC2H 0JR

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