Celebrity Shoes

I was planning to write about another topic, but it’s perhaps a little controvertial and I felt it needed more research. So instead this is a bit of a continuation of last week’s post.

These are my favourite shoes, to many of you this will be no surprise, it’s common knowledge that I love Rupert Sanderson. These are his highest 11cm heel, with a point toe called the Elba, I picked up my gold ones with Swarovski embellished heels for a snip at £99, but after a little digging there’s so much more to the shoe. Not only is it a £1000 shoe with all those Swarovskis, but it’s also a shoe worn on by Nina Dobrev at the Great Gatsby premiere.

Theres a little more to it though, I would not have thought twice if they were not samples that had shown a little bit of wear already, but what set these apart was that they were in a 41, not a normal size for samples. Further that, sample tag indicated these were part of a batch for their US publicity agency, it goes to figure these shoes were lent to Nina for the red carpet. To me it’s more interesting when something has a story behind it, that’s why I like vintage items, and why I like digging through the samples.

From Shoerazzi

Sorry this week’s post is a little short, I’ll follow up with how I plan to restore these to their full glory in the near future.

Making Shoe Clips

Something that has fallen out of favour in recent years is the shoe clip, after all why accessorise your shoes for a different look when you can simply buy a whole new shoe? It was a lovely touch for Charlotte Olympia to ship her shoes with these, and means you can have a bit of Charlotte while wearing all sorts of different outfits.

Red and white, perfect for the warmer weather. The luscious red lips can be clipped to any shoe, or even used as a brooch