Month: April 2017

A Match Made in Heaven

When Dune announced that they would be launching a collaboration with my favourite designer, Rupert Sanderson, I was absolutely thrilled. Combined Dune and Rupert Sanderson make up a quarter of my shoe collection, with good reason too, both brands offer what I look for in shoes, that magical combination of beauty, comfort and (relative) value for money. Knowing Rupert, he would only put his name to something that was worthy of his name, so expectations were understandably high. While I love so many styles in this collection, I have followed my head and only permitted myself two pieces, so I would welcome anybody who owns a pair of these or Rupert’s main collection to provide opinions on this too!

Dune London’s first major collaboration, and who better to work with than Rupert Sanderson?



I’m back! 

After many months away, I’m finally returning to post content. It has been a very busy nine months with changes in job, so since my computer failure I fell out of the habit of writing and photographing and never got back into it. Now life is more settled and days are getting longer I feel like I have the energy to do this again. Despite not posting in this time, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been learning more and more, so I have a whole new set of tips to share with the world as well as more interesting shoes to show as well!

Rather than keep an intense schedule like before, I shall be realistic and aim for a single post a week for the time being and ramps it up only if I feel that I can manage it, so apologies in advance if content isn’t as regular as before, I will aim to ensure the quality is the same if not even better than before.

In the meantime here’s a quick preview of what is to come!

Been a fun year, a visit to the United Nude flagship, and Rupert Sanderson sample sale