Knickers in a twist (again)

There is a reason I don’t read the tabloids, every day they seem to churn out the same diatribe. It seems the one thing that sells better than sex seems to be anger. Its fine to be riled up about something but is there a risk that we become so desensitized by the endless mountains that started as molehills? The current trendy rant is of course Nicola Thorp’s spat with PwC and their contractor Portico. As much as it can feel as such, just because something is right doesn’t necessarily make it the most important issue in the world.

To me this seems to be a really convenient tactic to distract from the bigger issues going at the same time, what about yesterday’s corruption summit? The one that just happened have it’s agenda severly watered down? Or what about the fallout after Snowden leaked those NSA documents? Or the way The Sun and The Times tried to whitewash the Hillsborough inquest verdict? We don’t need to look much further than who actually owns the newspapers, these people (and they are mostly individuals) do it to line their own pockets.

Anyhow, regarding this whole shoegate affair I do wonder where this takes us? Well heels are clearly an aesthetic item of clothing, but so are ties, hosiery, suits and other items considered de riguer in a corporate environment. If you take the issue of comfort and practicality all the way, perhaps we should just all turn up in our pyjamas or onsies.

So this could be the future of business wear? Actually maybe not such a bad idea.
Image by Vicki Burton used under Creative Commons License

There are really two schools of thought to this, being comfortable is important because you don’t want those clothes to be distracting you from work, it allows you to be at ease and focus, I do tend to write these blogs in my underwear, or in bed even (come on who hasn’t, laptops were made for this). On the other hand though being dressy can instill a degree of pride in what one is doing, so could increase the quality of the work that way. Interestingly, as much as I love my fashion, I honestly feel that I would be quite at ease if the way we dressed didn’t matter.



  1. I have to say that I do think that we are judged in the office environment for what we wear. Unless I’m feeling ill I will always wear heels in the office.

    Some days I’ll walk into work in trainers or flip-flops if the weather dictates but my shoes are changed for the office. It’s that final touch that means I’m ready to go.

    I know not everyone gets on with heels and, if you’re on your feet all day, I can understand wearing flats but a uniform policy is a uniform policy and some of the ballet pumps that seem to be fashionable at the moment are almost like slippers. Who wouldn’t want to go to work in slippers but a pair of shoes can change the look of an outfit dramatically.

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    1. I think that is the issue, people will judge others by the way they appear, a well known piece of research came to a conclusion that any male pilot will inspire greater confidence in their passengers regardless of experience.


  2. The thing that got me most about this was tha pwc got the blame when it is the company they contracted to hire reception staff that had this rule.
    In regards to dress, I (surprisingly considering my collection) think you can be just as smart in flats. As with heels there is a broad spectrum in design and there will be inappropriate and appropriate choices in both. My person choice will always be heels, but I am able to do a full day on my feet in heels. That doesn’t mean that everyone should have to though.


    1. Being the cynical person that I am, it actually seemed more that PwC used the opportunity to shunt the blame to Portico. The likelihood is that PwC would have specified requirements which would then be passed on to their third party agencies. One of my favourite films is a biopic, Charlie Wilson’s War, with the line “as long as the press sees sex and drugs behind the left hand, you can park a battle carrier behind the right hand and no one’s gonna fucking notice” the point being the press hold the keys to what we see and hear, and that’s my issue. When little things tend to get blown out of proportion which makes me suspicious.

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