Global Factors and a Bloxperiment

Many of my fellow bloggers may know that WordPress also offers stats and insights for viewership, and to me it’s quite interesting to see where my main audience is based. Currently it does seem that most of my views are coming from the United Kingdom where I am based, this might seem obvious however I wonder if there are other factors at work here. Bloggers now exist as part of a global community capable of reaching audiences beyond many borders, when we post in primetime in our own country what does that impact on audiences elsewhere in the world?

This is a typical breakdown of viewership, lead by the UK followed by a mix of English-speaking countries.

What I would like to see is whether there is shift in the viewership by targetting different regions, for example when I publish my Wednesday post at 4pm UK-DST, that translates to 10am EST (or 11am during the winter), or 8am PDT, that means most people are going to be at work. It’s worse if you are in Australia or New Zealand where these posts are being published between 11pm and 3am when people going to be sleeping.

The hypothesis is that publishing at primetime for the North and South America should yield higher viewership in from the US and Canada and a drop in numbers from the UK, Europe, and Africa. Furthermore I think it could potentially increase Australasian and Asian visitors too. Over the next six-eight weeks I plan to repost a mix of my favourite posts, popular posts, and also new content, at new time of 11pm on Wednesday in the UK which means it would be mid-late afternoon in the States and Canada. However UK viewers don’t be worried, my Sunday posts will continue as usual.

Occasionally there are anomalies, two weeks earlier India seemed to dominate viewerships. This is why it’s impostant to test any changes over a number of weeks.

I thank my regular viewers, and followers from the UK and apologise in advance for the inconvenience to you. Furthermore if you’ve got any thoughts about this experiment, any ideas that can be included, please, please let me know.



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