Designer Intro: Schutz

This is a brand that I have only recently come across in one of my forays in TK Maxx. I first saw them about half a year ago, and now are popping up more regularly there. Immediately, the quality of the shoes impressed me, add to that the designs are always really hot and bang on trend.

I picked these up in TK Maxx for £50, they’ve got the rock chic look, but also as tall black boots quite versatile and timeless

Schutz will typically look take a hot shoe as inspiration to create something that is derived from that design, for example my boots instantly remind me of YSL knee boots, perhaps with a hint of McQueen. It’s not the only style that have taken inspiration from, this tactic has taken Schutz to superstardom, when I bought my boots it was an unheard of brand. After Schutz launched the Juliana it rapidly reached true it-shoe status, but it takes it’s looks from one of Sergio Rossi’s classic designs. So successful is the Juliana, that endless copycats have been spawned from it, however unlike it’s made-in-china imitators, Schutz’s shoes can genuinely rival Sergio Rossi in quality as well as for style.

The classic Sergio Rossi style called Puzzle Basic (right) which is still a regular part of their seasonal offerings, which has been adopted by Schutz as the Juliana (left). Schutz crucially cleaned up the lines and produced a purer design.

The reason Schutz stands out for other derivative designers is the craftsmanship, outside of Italy there are two other countries that produce quality shoes. These countries are Spain and Brazil, Schutz is from the latter, a culture that has defined sexiness, and is also in a unique position of having both readily available labour and leather. The result is that you’ll don’t just get the luxe look, but the feel too, meaning they will become shoes that you’ll go back to again and again.

While you’re never going to find Schutz shoes at budget prices, its priced exceptionally competitively, especially compared to offerings from Carvela (Kurt Geiger) or Dune. If you’re looking for style which balances classic looks and a trendy edge, Schutz is ideal for you.


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