Month: April 2016

Faking it

Whole I admit I have an exceptional love for leather, sometimes its unjustifiable to splurge a triple figure sum on a luxe shoe or perhaps disagree with the use of animal products. So let’s start by playing a game, take a look at the pictures below, can you tell which is the real deal which is the imitation stuff.

A few shoes that haven’t been on the blog, can you tell which of these are real animal skin? Answers below. Hint: two are real animal skin



Designer Intro: Schutz

This is a brand that I have only recently come across in one of my forays in TK Maxx. I first saw them about half a year ago, and now are popping up more regularly there. Immediately, the quality of the shoes impressed me, add to that the designs are always really hot and bang on trend.

I picked these up in TK Maxx for £50, they’ve got the rock chic look, but also as tall black boots quite versatile and timeless


Save our soles

Taking care of your shoes will bring no end of benefits. Whether its making sure heel tips (sometimes known as taps) are well groomed, or the soles aren’t worn through, the results will improve comfort and make sure those cherished shoes will give years of good service.

Just resoled and reheeled, you can get your own soles and tips to replace them at home. It will save a fair bit in cobblers bills, especially for these cheap New Look shoes, though you’ll never get the same finish without the professional equipment.


How much would you pay?

Leather lined shoes always interest me, they’re typically more forgiving and absorbent than synthetics, so when New Look and H&M both started to sell their premium quality collections which both incorporated a number of shoes all of which were leather inner and upper. Next though is my disappointment, they retail typically around from £40 going all the way to £65! Now £65 for a pair of shoes is nothing, but dropping a that much on one item at New Look or H&M does seem a little perverse.

My concern is I’ve paid less for new Nicholas Kirkwoods, and Charlotte Olympias, now is it at all possible that the materials can hold up against what the luxury brands use? Still leather will always be more comfortable, and there are few pairs that are quite appealing, but personally I don’t think I would pay full price for them, on the other hand they are a few sandals on sale right now which might work quite well for summer.

The lace up look is really popular right and at £22 they’re worth getting


My heart is red, not my sole

It might come as a shock to most of you, while being a prolific shoe collector, I own zero pairs of Louboutins. It seems strange, why wouldn’t I have at least one pair penned by the designer du jour in the shoe world. I admire the man, I adore what comes from his pen, but I’ve always had a mental block from buying them. Those red soles seem so unnecessary, they don’t add anything to the shoes design or craftsmanship, if anything it devalues the work that went into the shoe as most people simply gawp at the red soles, and cannot see past the real joy and pleasure of owning and wearing luxury shoes.

We live in the perfect time for luxury shoes, with money tight since the 2008 global recession, fashion has become about strategically deploying luxury investment pieces rather than filling ones wardrobe with high end purchases. There are so many hot designers all over the world, and you’ve already seen a number of my favourite pieces. Most of these are British, but interestingly they’re all made in Italy.

Even Louboutins bear the Made in Italy mark.
Modified and used under Creative Commons License from work by Arroser


Mythbusting: Gel Insoles

So I’m sure you’ve all heard about Gel insoles, theres a lot of info flying about about them and I’ve definitely heard conflicting information, and sometimes you might wonder if a reviewer has been paid, or influenced in some way to write this. I shall try to approach this as objectively as possible, bringing in various points of view.

First of all lets see how these things work, the idea is the gel moulds to your feet and reduces the pressure on your feet, the gel is also meant to absorb the impact of walking. Now these things are do genuinely reduce pressure while standing, and do give you an extra half hour of so of standing, but if you walk properly most of the impact is taken by your heel and straight up your body so it doesn’t make much of a difference, on the other hand if the shoe is loose it really messes your balance up while walking, especially if the insole doesn’t fit properly.

You may have seen this advert on the TV recently (if you still watch TV), it claims to give your heels “the sneaker feel” but lets be honest, you’re still putting all your weight through the balls of your feet, and theres no way you’ll want to stand for a full day in these.


Farewell Zaha Hadid

Breaking from the typical post, many of you will have have heard the news of the passing of Zaha Hadid, a remarkable and inspirational lady to dared to push the boundaries and never let conventions and traditions to get in her way. Forgive me those of you who were expecting your weekly fix of designer shoes, but I simply have to pay tribute to such an incredible lady.

Hadid’s achievements are absolutely remarkable, to become a driving force in one of the most male-dominated industries of architecture. Furthermore to apply that creativity elsewhere in the world of design, she has worked on numerout collaborations and influenced countless designers worldwide with her vision and philosophy.

This is the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center, in Baku, Azerbaijan. Despite the controversy around Hadid’s acceptance of this commission, it is my favourite of her works. The curves have become definitive of Hadid’s style.
Image by wilth used under Creative Commons License