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So with the weather warming up and more importantly drying out, it’s finally time to dust off your courts, pull out those leather soles, and show off your feet. Big surprise here, I’m a massive fan of pointy shoes, it never goes out of Vogue, and I think is a very flattering style, so I’m going through a selection of similarly cut shoes in a few different styles.

We have six shoes for you today, from high street to luxe by YSL, Rupert Sanderson, Dune, Charlotte Olympia and Chinese Laundry, can you tell which is which? Hint: followers of my blog will have seen all of these shoes featured here and there

With court shoes you can get away with cutting the shoes lower while still keeping it classy and elegant, thats what appeals to me about these shoes, and I will take care to choose shoes that show a bit of cleavage, and are made delicately. The first pair are a classic, the Yves Saint Laurent Paris 105, they’re a classic design so you’ll see these in various finishes every season. With a 105mm heel made in soft suede mean once broken in they are very wearable, despite the tiny difference in height they’re much more so than a 110mm heel. I love the subtle design touches that shows YSL’s continued attention to detail, and why this rightfully deserves to be one of their design classics, for example at first the vamp appears to be symmetrical but it’s very slightly biased so that it leaves identical amounts of toe cleavage from big toe to pinky. The upper is also made of one piece of leather, rather than the more common stitched construction, it doesn’t really affect the way the shoe feels but it’s just a nice touch and makes animal prints in particular that little bit neater. If it wasnt for the square heel these would be my absolute go-to shoe but unfortunately it’s impossible to find replacements, let alone uprated steel versions. The other major problem is the way the insole and sock transfers colour, you can’t see them but it’s black and after a day of wear so are the soles of your feet, and if you wear tights they’ll end up the same, so you’ll have to barefoot these.

YSL Classic Paris 105 in Leopard print. It’s something that I do feel everyone should have, animal prints are a timeless way to liven up an outfit.

Next up is a really good mid range option, Chinese Laundry offer a great range of relatively safe options. Unusually they chose to use leather on the inside, which is quite smart really, keeps the cost down and makes for a more pleasant wearing experience at the same time, I really prefer the feel of natural materials against my skin. I do wish the the dyes were faster, but the finish still better than most of the high street/diffiusion lines out there right now, however it does mean that you notice the thickness of the materials more than other shoes. Chinese Laundry are definitely a brand to look out for if you can find them, they’re really rare in the UK.

Chinese Laundry, 9cm heel in Aquamarine.

You’ll remember my Charlotte Olympias from Valentines day, like most British designers they’re quite generous in width, but these are possibly the widest and thanks to wide footed designer, Charlotte Dellal. They’re a pair of shoes that have never been worn in anger yet, its definitely coming to the right time to take them out, just hope they don’t stretch too much.

Charlotte Olympia wedding collection, in white with red trim. White isn’t as seasonal as the past, though definitely a dry weather shoe.

I bought these in a bit of a Magpie moment, when I saw these I just had to have them. The finish is fantastic, although the shoes are rather narrow for Dune’s designs. Sadly the quality can’t match a luxury shoe, and I don’t expect it, however you do really appreciate the Chinese Laundry shoes which are clearly a step up in quality. Despite it’s shortcomings I’m willing to forgive these shoes, it’s a more delicate finish visually drawing on luxe looks without the price tag (although due to sales both the Charlotte Olympias, and Rupert Divas were less), Dune is definitely a great place to get your statement pieces, that might struggle to see a great deal of wear.

These are quite possibly the brightest, more outlandish and difficult to style shoes I own, but how can you say no to these?

Rupert Sanderson tends to work around a number of classic shapes and styles with small variations in them, it’s innovation and creativity built upon tried and tested methods, and I feel that is very much his personality. This is the Diva in black suede with fuscha painted effect, it’s got a solid metal heel allowing for a super slender finish, giving the illusion of a higher heel, but are exceptionally delicate so you cannot drive in these, and you should avoid getting them caught in cracks, and have to be careful about how you rest your feet when sitting. The toe box is more or less the same as my favourite Elba style, but the lower 100mm heel allows a drop in size. Rupert cuts these really low at the sides, juxtaposing the higher than normal quarter at the back, as a result it really highlights the arch of the feet, again adding to that illusion of height.

Rupert Sanderson Diva, black suede with fuschia metallic paint.

Saving the best until last, are my famous gold Elbas, at 110mm they’re as high as I’ll regularly wear but the softness really makes it much more wearable. Just like the Diva above, the low vamp-high quarter does make it look higher and show a lot of arch, with the added 1cm of heel the arch is as prounounced as a more conservatively cut 12cm heel, and I’ll take these over Louboutin’s So Kate any day and like any good luxury shoe both Diva and Elba are constructed out of a single piece of leather. You’ll notice though because Rupert cuts lower at the side, the vamp doesn’t follow the toe line and you get more cleavage around your pinkie toe area. I don’t understand why this is the case, but these both also have black instep and lining but don’t transfer colour at all, which I’m very happy about.

Elba in Gold with Swarovski. Not really an easy shoe to pull off, definitely more suited for a night look but I always believe in doing what feels right, and I don’t care what others think when I go strutting out during the day in these I just love them! Thankfully as a classic, Elba is available each season just like the Paris earlier.

Well there you are, an ecclectic mix of various point toes, and how different designers approach the same concept. All of them have their own charm and appeal, and I hope it helps you reach a decision for pointy shoes. Do feel free if you have any thoughts about any of the topics here.



    1. Hey there, thanks for visiting! They seem to be the people’s favourite, but before you go out and get yourselves something similar just gonna say these are possibly the most high maintenance shoes ever, it’s like a vacuum cleaner sucking up any dust and dirt.


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