Bonus Post: Pretty Shoes Are Back!!!

Since the arrival of the Ugg we have seen a number of shoes gain favour, we have had Crocs, Birkenstocks, and even when talking about heeled shoes it has been chunky block heels and clogs. Celine’s chunky heel has become somewhat iconic of this era, and while appearing comfy have ultimately received mixed reviews. As a hardcore stiletto junkie I have tried to cling onto the my spiky shoes, well if you read the Standard pretty shoes are having their resurgence, with fashion show front rows being lined (quite rightly) with stiletto toting editors.

With flares seeing their return from the cold the whole appeal for a more delicate shoe is quite the natural direction, the weight of these massive bell bottoms when paired with a clunky design makes you look like a bottom heavy hangover from a 70’s disco. On the other hand stilettos are a perfect counter to all that fabric of the trouser, pick a intricate design or a print that you can flash a little with each step.

Wolford Gent Trousers (These are a few years old, Wolford tend to ignore trends and just do what they do best), and YSL Classic Paris 105 in Leopard Print Suede

It is about time we called time on the body conscious look, lets face it we don’t all have bodies or booties like the Kardashian, and even if you did you can still show off with your flares. Flares are like corsets for your leg, they give this illusion of narrowness around the knee from the juxtaposition from the voluminous bottom, and with heels they create that seemingly endless leg look.

If you have bootcut jeans, you can dig them out too. Next Bootcut Jeans, Rupert Sanderson Elba in Orange Python.

If you want you can also flash a little leg, with popsocks still hot a knit sock and mid length skirt or dress will give you a quirky twist for this cold spring we are having.



    1. I think a lot of people have bad experiences in the past. Nothing beats going into something with a positive outlook. That’s what I’m trying to do with the blog, get people to forget the past and start with a blank slate. Cheers for dropping by, and I agree big trousers are so much more forgiving.

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