Party Time

So to lets set the scene, it’s the weekend, your make-up is perfect, you’ve spent hours on your hair and nails, and you’ve got the perfect heels for a night out with the girls. Four hours later it’s the small hours in the morning, your feet are killing, and you are at A&E because one of your friends twisted her ankle.

The happy feeling that alcohol gives you comes from the way it messes with your brain, unfortunately it’s also that same brain that controls your coordination. Drinking too much it all too easy to turn an ankle and even worse fall and split your head open.

They were lucky the officers there are just making sure they are safe, so many nights end up in ambulances
Image by Paul Townsend used under Creative Commons License

Typically I’ll only have three or four, or perhaps half a bottle of wine’s worth spread out over a few hours, its enough to get me merry, but will keep me light on my feet, and taking care over drink also brings some other advantages too. For example have you ever noticed that when you slip off your shoes at a bar, then a few drinks later you can’t get them back on again? Well alcohol makes your feet (and hands) swell, not by so much that you can see, but it’s enough to make your shoes uncomfortable.

This type of injury will change your life and not in a good way, and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. I’ll save you the horror of ligament reconstruction surgery, but lets just say scarring central
Image by Laurel F used under Creative Commons License

In a sad but true cautionary story, a stiletto loving lady I recently met told me she was forced to give them her heels due to lasting ligament damage. At an office party a drunk colleague jumped on her back causing her to lose balance, and twisting her knee. After a number of operations to rebuild her knee she can walk again, but no longer and will never have the range of movement to allow her to wear heels. A second bonus of moderating drink is that it keeps you sharp, as you need to be aware of what goes on around you.

I’m not saying stop drinking, there is definitely something I enjoy from a drink or two, but please just be careful. Plus there is one more bonus of drinking less, all that money you save on booze can be put towards new shoes.

Finally, an apology for dropping off the blogosphere, I’ve been taken out by about three different colds in one go so it’s been largely bed rest for me. So what was intended to be posted on Sunday will be saved for the future.


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