It’s All In The Mind

Do you ever wonder why we wear heels, despite the pain it causes some of us? It seems a obvious solution to simply avoid wearing them, however the raison d’etre behind our choice stems from our more evolved social part of our mind (Freud calls this the super-ego) wanting to conform to social or peer pressure to wear what is expected. As adults these norms are set out by the media, social or otherwise.

Some people seem to live in heels, they never suffer pain and it’s as if its perfectly normal to wear them all the time. It comes from starting the right way, building positively with the right frame of mind. Through good experiences, all of a sudden hurdles seem lower and bridges easier to cross, you will be more likely to succeed. That’s a great ideal, but many of people already have strong negative impressions of heels. The more primitive (Freudian id) part of our mind is the instinctive part, it seeks pleasure and avoids suffering. As such the id strongly remembers negative experiences and will try to avoid such situations again. This puts the id and super-ego in conflict, with the stronger determining the choice of footwear.

Essentially your id and super-ego are your consciences which are managed by the ego. The balance of requirements between the id and ego will determine your endurance of heels. The goal is to maximise the super-ego side and minimise the id
Translated from Original Image by Rainer Zenz

In a situation where the id reluctantly accepts the wearing of heels, then the id will exist in a constant state of anxiety, it won’t rest until it gets it’s way. There comes breaking point on a night out where you give up and go barefoot, the greater your fear, the faster the limit will be reached, and for some people that can be counted in minutes. The more you conquer your fear of the shoe, the more comfortable you will become. Your anxiety levels will drop, and you will stay fresh for longer.

When your id gets it’s way.
Image used with permission by Stuart Caie

By reconciling your id with your super-ego you completely remove any barriers to your high heel wearing. Getting into a positive mindset is possibly the most important part of the approach, and will ensure success. Thats why I advocate progressive training in all my articles, starting at a point where you are comfortable, you reset to zero forgetting any previous concepts and establishing an anchor point from which you can build positive upon positive.


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