My Rescue Kit

Have you ever had a pair of shoes that were just too perfect? Comfortable, sexy, pretty and a perfect way to finish your outfit. For years these were my absolute favourite shoes, however too much love does tend to result in the shoes living a hard life. The trimming and piping has frayed, and even the upper has started to separate from the platform, of the black fabric does show dirt quite easily.

My faithful Multicolour Peep Toes from Head Over Heels by Dune. After three years of wear, the black is now grey, and bits are fraying.

Well it’s definitely not time to throw these shoes away, amazingly despite the fact the shoes are falling apart, you can breathe life back into it. They’re never going to be good as new, but you’ll get them looking presentable again. I’ve got my full toolkit for various jobs that you can do at home quite easily. Largely we can split it into cleaning and protection products, and repair tools and consumables.

Leather glue is available from places like Hobbycraft, and it’s actually really good for fabric too, while this is quite a slow drying glue compared to superglue, or a gluegun it’s so much stronger and more flexible so it’s worth the wait and extra effort. That said, I probably wouldn’t use this for clothes. What can’t be glued probably needs stitching, I pick up these free sewing kits from hotels because it’s a ready supply of sharp needles.

I tend not to do work on soles, as I can’t easily get hold of leather, and also I don’t have the powertools available to make easy work of it. However there’s no reason you can’t change your stiletto tips, which I’ll make a more detailed post later on. You really don’t want to be walking on worn or missing tips, it’s bad for your shoes, bad for your balance, and potentially dangerous.

This is my basic toolkit, it’s got pretty much everything you need for simple jobs. I’ve not included my polishing cloth because it gets blackened rather fast.

You might want to know why I have three brushes, the two blue ones are for cleaning fabrics, the wire brush is for suede. I don’t use brushes for polish because you need two brushes for each colour leather, instead I use a cloth and water to bull polish leathers before they get too tired. Suede needs regular brushing as it catches various forms of detritis, and also will lose it’s furriness. You can also brush alcantara (imitation suede), but be gentle with it. Finish with leather protector after each time you brush suede, you’ll also want to use protector with unfinished leathers, and reapply every time you get wet. For fabrics that are dirty, interestingly Vanish spray is really quite effective, I use the two blue brushes for these. Some of you might remember my white Charlotte Olympia satin pumps, they weren’t exactly perfect when I got them.

These were dotted with stains, and slightly yellow, Vanish really does what it says on the tin. Picked these up for £65!

So back to my Head Over Heels shoes. The trick with the glue is to apply the glue and allow it to dry slightly before sticking them together, it pretty much will hold fast once you squeeze it into place this way. After that a quick brush with Vanish and the stains on the platform it pretty much gone too. Some of the fraying edges were glued back or trimmed.

Finished product after a bit of gluing and a brush up


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