Ankle Excercises

Following from my previous post, about strutting which was all about ensuring the impact from each step is spread evenly through your joints, your ankles are the crucial first part of this. Our ankles have evolved to have great freedom of movement, it helped us to run and climb when we were hunter gatherers. In modern society we have the luxury of considering aesthetics, and we can enjoy the beauty of heels, however some as I mentioned it’s something to get used over time.If you don’t regularly wear heels, your ankles will be floppy like our hunter gatherer ancestors, doing excercises to strengthen your ankle muscles will allow you to feel more relaxed and in turn more comfortable in heels. So you’ll feel fresh all day and night in heels, instead of being in agony after 1 hour, 6 minutes, and 48 seconds.

To strengthen those muscles you need to make them work, it’s quite simple just move them in the right way. All you need to do is be sat down, and lift your feet, then draw out the letters of the alphabet with your toes, using your ankles to move your feet. You’ll start to feel the burn quite quickly if you’ve never really worked these muscles, so make sure you stop before you start to cramp. The aim is to develop stamina alongside strength, and thats where the alphabet comes in handy, use the letter you can make it to a personal best as a target to beat.

You can do this anywhere. Just kick off your shoes, and and draw those letters with your toes

Once you’ve built up those muscles, they should retain their strength so long as you continue to wear heels, and you don’t necessarily need to continue with these excercises, and long term regular wearers of mid and high heels will already have strong muscles. All this said it won’t do any harm to occassionally add a bit of training to your daily routine.