Designer Intro: Nicholas Kirkwood

This week we look at one of the fastest rising stars of the footwear industry, his blazing trail has seen his brand grow to become part of luxury powerhouse LVMH’s stable within 10 years, working with the likes of Peter Pilotto, and Erdem in recent years, as well as nurturing upcoming talent, Sophia Webster.

Kirkwood’s style is often shocking at times, with the intention to provoke and make a statement, clearly taking his inspiration from years spend working alongside Philip Treacy and Isabella Blow. Yet it’s not absurdly in your face, he draws on strong architechtual and sculptural inflences, he often uses optical illusions to create a sense of drama rather than push the wearer beyond her extremes.

The curve in the heel, a hidden platform and the lower cut of the vamp shows the arch of foot, both of which makes the heel look higher than it is. Furthermore it shows plenty of sexy toe cleavage.
One of the Erdem collaboration, which is more representative of Kirkwood’s typical style.

Outspoken, Nicholas doesn’t shy away from making his opinions heard, in 2012 he confidently informed the Duchess of Cambridge was “meant to be a princess-y type of person [and to] act like one!” on the other hand he came to Kate’s defense when she trod a path that he approved of. My favourite Kirkwood quote is one that I try to live by, he reminds girls to “[not] just wear sneakers all day and then put on heels once a week and expect to look confident. It takes practice to look elegant in high heels,” because it your body will be different when wearing heels. Wobbling around in heels is disrespectful of the designer, and Nicholas is right to be offended.

The intricacy of the heel is wonderful, but it’s such a statement shoe it’s a challenge to style.

With the brand’s future is secure under LVMH stewardship, Kirkwood working alongside long time business partner Christopher Suarez, to continue in his patron Isabella Blow’s work, nurturing talent in the likes of Sophia Webster. In the world of footwear design, Nicholas Kirkwood is one of it’s brightest stars, lets hope this star shines for many years to come.

A little bonus picture for you

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