Mythbusting Heel Tricks

Many of you will have suffered in heels, gone back to see how others survive the night in heels. You’ll see many blog posts, or articles where top fashionistas, models, editors, designers, or idi-ahem-experts share their secrets. Some of the techniques seemingly contradict anothers, while other posts blatently promote some product, so which things are effective which aren’t? Everybody’s feet are different, so at times I’m going to be speaking for myself, but hopefully I’ll dispel the techniques that are damaging or downright dangerous.

There are some shocking suggestions out there, which are taken pretty seriously. One of the most drastic techniques is lopping off an inch from your stiletto heels. Lets have a look at what that will do, the heel of your shoe will exert more pressure than the foot of the elephant, an average person in stilettos exerts 2000psi, while an elephant only manages a humble 50psi. Hopefully you’re beginning to see the level of engineering that goes into one of these shoes.

Taking a chunk out of your heel, changes the direction of the stiletto heel. All that force isn’t passing through the heel to your body, instead it’s going to bend the heel, and you’ll end up significantly reduce the service life of your shoes. Worse is if you do it to platforms or wedges which are stiffer shoes, you’ll end up tilting your feet upwards, and still holding your feet at the same angle.

When you give the heel the chop, the shoe will sit at a different angle. Every step will result in the force following the direction of the red arrow, and you can see that it will cause the heel to bend, and eventually snap.

If you struggle with higher heels, I really don’t recommend taking a chunk out of your shoes, my suggestion is just purchase heels that are of a manageable height. If you do want to wear higher heels, you are better off having a go with Stiletto Training.



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