Month: February 2016

Timeless Elegance

Recently I’ve been repeatedly reminded of an era of true glamour and elegance, everything from the weather, to fellow bloggers, to local shop openings have reminded me of why I love the late 1950s and early 60s. It was an era of lasting icons, where fame and reputation didn’t last 15 minutes and also marked the beginning of a new youth counterculture which defined the latter part of the 20th Century.

It’s funny how little things can trigger things in ones mind, walking in the soft winter sun around Knightsbridge, it takes your mind to an old money fantasy, it was the jet age, Paris or Milan, St Tropez or Portofino was a matter of hours away. It carried the likes of Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Catherine Deneuve round the world uniting the best of both sides of the Atlantic.

Hepburn in Givenchy



My Rescue Kit

Have you ever had a pair of shoes that were just too perfect? Comfortable, sexy, pretty and a perfect way to finish your outfit. For years these were my absolute favourite shoes, however too much love does tend to result in the shoes living a hard life. The trimming and piping has frayed, and even the upper has started to separate from the platform, of the black fabric does show dirt quite easily.

My faithful Multicolour Peep Toes from Head Over Heels by Dune. After three years of wear, the black is now grey, and bits are fraying.


Making Shoe Clips

Something that has fallen out of favour in recent years is the shoe clip, after all why accessorise your shoes for a different look when you can simply buy a whole new shoe? It was a lovely touch for Charlotte Olympia to ship her shoes with these, and means you can have a bit of Charlotte while wearing all sorts of different outfits.

Red and white, perfect for the warmer weather. The luscious red lips can be clipped to any shoe, or even used as a brooch


Mythbusting: Toe tape

The term foot binding, will always be associated with the horrific and tortuous procedure historically performed on Chinese women prior to the 20th Century. You might argue we put ourselves through similar tortures forcing our feet to shape of a heeled shoe, it’s true but we do it through choice, and we can liberate our feet whenever we choose. Now ironically it’s a form of foot binding that is supposed to help.

According to Marie Helvin, taping together toes three and four (counted from your big toe) will stop you from suffering in your heels. I can report having tried it, it does indeed seem to work. Why I’m not totally sure, but my weight seems to be more evenly spread, without the tape I feel my feet rolling outwards, instead when taped the weight is more towards the ball of my big toe.

My Elbas are really easy to wear, but the tape means I can stand in one spot a lot longer. It does only make sense with closed toe shoes, but still works even when the vamp is really low cut.


Ankle Excercises

Following from my previous post, about strutting which was all about ensuring the impact from each step is spread evenly through your joints, your ankles are the crucial first part of this. Our ankles have evolved to have great freedom of movement, it helped us to run and climb when we were hunter gatherers. In modern society we have the luxury of considering aesthetics, and we can enjoy the beauty of heels, however some as I mentioned it’s something to get used over time.If you don’t regularly wear heels, your ankles will be floppy like our hunter gatherer ancestors, doing excercises to strengthen your ankle muscles will allow you to feel more relaxed and in turn more comfortable in heels. So you’ll feel fresh all day and night in heels, instead of being in agony after 1 hour, 6 minutes, and 48 seconds.


Designer Intro: Nicholas Kirkwood

This week we look at one of the fastest rising stars of the footwear industry, his blazing trail has seen his brand grow to become part of luxury powerhouse LVMH’s stable within 10 years, working with the likes of Peter Pilotto, and Erdem in recent years, as well as nurturing upcoming talent, Sophia Webster.


Mythbusting Heel Tricks

Many of you will have suffered in heels, gone back to see how others survive the night in heels. You’ll see many blog posts, or articles where top fashionistas, models, editors, designers, or idi-ahem-experts share their secrets. Some of the techniques seemingly contradict anothers, while other posts blatently promote some product, so which things are effective which aren’t? Everybody’s feet are different, so at times I’m going to be speaking for myself, but hopefully I’ll dispel the techniques that are damaging or downright dangerous.

There are some shocking suggestions out there, which are taken pretty seriously. One of the most drastic techniques is lopping off an inch from your stiletto heels. Lets have a look at what that will do, the heel of your shoe will exert more pressure than the foot of the elephant, an average person in stilettos exerts 2000psi, while an elephant only manages a humble 50psi. Hopefully you’re beginning to see the level of engineering that goes into one of these shoes.