Designer Intro: Irregular Choice

Welcome to the psychadelic world of Irregular Choice, the moment you step into their Carnaby Street flagship, and you feel like you’re on an acid trip (yes that does somewhat date me…), you’re plunged into a Wonderland of gnomes, unicorns, and jedis made of every imaginable colour. But it’s all real, you can genuinely have a pair of shoes where the heels are bunny rabbits.

These rabbits are genuinely available to adorn your feet. Aren’t they the cutest?

Founder, designer, and maverick, Dan Sullivan wanted to completely break the rules, go against the establishment, the resulting outlandishness of Irregular Choice shoes means you can make that bold statement without having to go to vertiginous stilettos. The shoes are going to be so loud that many people prefer to tone down the rest of their outfit keeping the shoes as a focal point, equally you can keep in the spirit of Dan and Irregular Choice, and simply wear whatever takes your fancy, the madder the better.

In recent times, I’ve noticed Irregular Choice are becoming a very popular choice, perhaps in part there’s literally nothing else out there like them that makes them rather obvious. It’s backed up by exceptionally positive opinions, everyone I’ve talked to agrees they are the easiest shoes to wear, and many will never go back to anything else. Some even wear them as part of their professional wardrobe.

These probably wouldn’t be the most appropriate professional attire

Good news for vegetarians too, much of Irregular Choice’s lineup is leather free. They prefer to work with fabrics, as it gives the freedom to use more vivid colours, and intricate prints, and in their infinite wisdom they chose to avoid using leather where possible.

Even the box has the most lovely detail.

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