Designer Intro: & Other Stories

How does a brand within three years launch and go to having 31 stores in prime locations such as Regents Street, 5th Avenue and concessions in Printemps? & Other Stories is an interesting brand, if you don’t like big corporates, then you may as well look away now. International powerhouse H&M are the driving force behind them and they have sledgehammered their way into the market.

So it’s not the sexiest shoe in the world, but it’s great to throw to make a slouchy look a little dressier.

It couldn’t be more unlike the parent company, & Other Stories cashes in on the Nordic Noir revolution at the end of the last decade, as such their collections appear to made up of the entire wardrobe department of The Bridge. Despite the muted colour palate, and the demure cuts, you will inevitably end up looking as cool as the Scandinavian weather.

If Volvo made shoes…

It’s not about being overtly sexy, but &Other Stories provides various bits and pieces to compliment your existing wardrobe, you’ll find shoes and boots that are perfect for those lazy days where you want to look chic without any effort. You do have to be careful, in the early days all of it was Made in Italy, now a lot of their stock is disappointingly Made in China, and noticeably of lower quality, so just watch out for that.

The little details of these boots are great. The custom zips are a beautiful little touch, and while it’s not genuine snakeskin, it’s a good quality embossed leather

Like ABBA, & is another Swedish brand that I and many others like but are a bit embarrased to admit to it. You should check them out while the quality is still there, before they become a full blown H&M clone.



    1. It was H&M South Africa…that country has been through some tough social upheaval. Interestingly having this same conversation about secularism in the UK, and how social change can be painfully slow.


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