Where to train

There is a place where I visit with a new pair of heels, its the perfect location to break in a new pair of shoes, it also has all the facilities you might need if your shoes tire you out or need adjustments. This place has all the equipment you might need get used to a pair of unfamiliar shoes.

Where I hear you ask where can I find somewhere with perfectly flat and hard surfaces, is dry, heated in winter, air conditioned in summer, always something near to lean on, has a cobbler, with somewhere to sit down and great transport connections? Well, drumroll please…

Your perfect place is the wonderfully glamorous and glitzy, Tesco Extra! Okay so it’s not so glam, and but it’s exactly what you need. It literally has everything you could possibly need, from gel cushions to an onsite Timpsons.

Other Supermarkets are available!
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This might sound ridiculous but get yourself a trolley, they’re going to be like stabilizers for your bike when you were learning to ride. It gives you just that much confidence to loosen up and allow you to focus on posture and technique, this is really useful when you’re getting used to a new heel height. You might need two or three visits with the trolley before you ditch the cart.

I don’t normally go shopping in heels like this…promise…

It’s also a place to give a new pair of shoes their first outing, it’s nice and flat and allows you to focus on getting them broken in. If you start picking up on little niggles you can get yourself various gel cushions, blister patches, and if your shoes need more drastic work the Timpson man will be able to stretch some shoes out. Also if you feel tired theres a coffee shop to get a pick-me-up.


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