A Second Chance

Lots of people might wonder why anybody would want to wear someones old shoes? Some of these shoes have been remarkably well looked after, or for some reason even unworn! Sometimes what you’re looking for is waiting there for you.

I feel like I’m in a time warp and it’s the 90’s again. These Juliet & Juliet shoes still have the protective plastic on the soles. The Ferragamos have been worn a lot over the past couple of years, not bad for £25 from a Pimlico charity shop.

Charity Shop Chic

Some unbelievably good finds can pop up anywhere, a local place got a donation which included two pairs of Miu Mius, a pair of Rupert Sandersons, and a pair of McQueens, all of which were worn at most a couple of time. To save time however I do recommend that a spot of profiling, signs of disposable income are always good indicators. Look out for large detatched and semi-detatached properties with well kept gardens, 2-3 cars expensive cars on driveways, and private and prep schools.

While a lot of charity shops do use the internet to check items, so better items are often accordingly priced. However where there is competition between shops, they will still have price more keenly. Also being well informed will you your secret weapon, learn about what is high quality, what is salvagable, and which brands are obscure and/or upcoming. Use the internet to help you decide whether something is good value or not, apps like Vestiaire is ideal for that.

Also if anybody has any information on Juliet & Juliet, I would appreciate it. I’ve found virtually no information about them.

Vestiaire Vintage

Websites such as Vestiaire Collective are now popping up regularly, they specialise in pre-owned and vintage designer items. The unique selling point of companies such as Vestiaire give buyers confidence thanks to their specialist authentication. When Vogue gives such a recommendation it can’t be a bad thing can it?

These were a real prize, £40 for a pair of authenticated Zanottis, on top of that they were never worn outdoors.

You’ll have to drop by regularly but you’ll find that the search functions on the website are really handy, and they’ve also got an app too so you can keep track wherever you are.


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