So wedges are easy

Wedges are sold as an easier way to gain height, with more contact area they are more stable. Nonsense. I’m going to prove that stilettos are no harder to walk in.

I will compare two shoes by Rupert Sanderson, they’re the same shoe size and the same heel height, made in the same factory by the same craftsmen

Look carefully at the picture, theres still a gap between the wedge section and the ground. So actually the wedge doesn’t touch the ground at all, and your contact area is more or less the same. Sorry Priscilla, please look away, you don’t want to see the state of them.

The stained soles actually help here. You’ll notice that the wedge section is clean and unmarked and still carries Rupert’s signature. The only increase in contact area is the heel pad vs the stiletto tip, not the biggest increase in area.

Now to make things worse, when walking on belgian cobbles the wedge is actually less stable because the wedge actually prevents you from bridging over the cobbles, and puts the weight onto somewhere unnatural.

If a cobble were to make contact where the red outline on the left, that’s all the contact area you can expect and the balance point isn’t where you are used to. A cobble in the same position will pass under a conventional heel.

I’m not going to be a heel nazi and insist you must not wear wedges. They do genuinely make a difference on loose surfaces such as grass or sand. Just remember if you can walk well in wedges you can do exactly the same in stilettos, there is no difference in technique.


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