Running Before You Walk

Following on from my intro to learning to walk, I shall be going into a little more detail. Platforms and wedges complicate things, so for simplicity I shall ignore them here, and deal only with single sole shoes designs.

From left to right How best to progress in height

When you’re tense you will fatigue faster, that is the cause of discomfort and pain. Crucial to being comfortable in heels is being relaxed and at ease, to become one with your shoes. If you haven’t been in heels for a while, or wearing a height much more than you’re used to, you’ve probably felt that pressure in your calves, that’s one big cause of tension.

Small progressions in heel height (around 1 cm at a time) will allow your calves to be used to the position they are in with the higher shoe. This means you gain more confidence and belief in your shoes.

Choosing the right shoe is crucial with each increase in height, anything that makes you more relaxed helps. Selecting a chunky heel means you worry less about balance. Choosing any boot that extends above the ankle will protect it through extra support and stability. You’re reducing strain elsewhere while you add that pressure to your calves.

Just bear in mind balance is still needed when you switch to stilettos, I’ll be writing more about balance in the future.



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