Month: December 2015

So wedges are easy

Wedges are sold as an easier way to gain height, with more contact area they are more stable. Nonsense. I’m going to prove that stilettos are no harder to walk in.

I will compare two shoes by Rupert Sanderson, they’re the same shoe size and the same heel height, made in the same factory by the same craftsmen



Bargains in Sale Season

Merry Christmas to all!!!!

You might see a pair of shoes in a magazine and think to yourself that you could never afford them. Totally untrue, there a loads of bargains if you shop smart and make the most of this time of year.


Running Before You Walk

Following on from my intro to learning to walk, I shall be going into a little more detail. Platforms and wedges complicate things, so for simplicity I shall ignore them here, and deal only with single sole shoes designs.

From left to right How best to progress in height

When you’re tense you will fatigue faster, that is the cause of discomfort and pain. Crucial to being comfortable in heels is being relaxed and at ease, to become one with your shoes. If you haven’t been in heels for a while, or wearing a height much more than you’re used to, you’ve probably felt that pressure in your calves, that’s one big cause of tension.

Designer Intro: United Nude

United Nude is a designer that I’ve been following with interest for around half a year now. I’ve finally got my first pair and I realise that not everyone will know of the name. There are lots of these smaller designers doing amazing things, and I’ll gradually introduce you to them.