Month: October 2015

Just like in the bedroom…

…the saying of ‘if it hurts, you ain’t doing it right’ is absolutely true. I believe that there is [at least] one pair of heels out their for each and every person, if you suffer in heels then at least one thing isn’t right. It’s time to fix it and be forever comfy in your stilettos.

Being full of idioms today, it’s important to learn to walk before you run. By that I mean it’s important to recognize that slipping into your dream pair of 12cm Loubs is likely to end in disaster. It doesn’t mean you’ll never achieve that, but instead use your dream shoes as a goal to work towards, the prize being able to strut out in style.

My Sergio Rossi 12cm sculpted wedge heels, I’m getting more comfortable with 11cm and getting closer

Keep coming back over the next few month and I’ll share as much advice and experience as I can, you’ll be walking like a model soon.


My life in heels

Believe it or not, I still have my very first pair of heels, never had the heart to throw them out or give them away. My love of the shoe has pushed me to write about my adventures in stilettos, dispel the myths and share some secrets. For now, here’s something pretty to look at.

My latest purchase, Elba in Gold and Swarovski from Rupert Sanderson and where I started from my black New Look Cut out shoe boots